Our Gili Meno dream beach house

Air BnB When we we’re planning our trip to Gili Meno last July, we found this incredible ocean front house on Airbnb. The only house on the island actually ON the beach, facing at nothing but the infinite horizon of the sea and the sky. It’s small, but everything you need: one room, a sun deck with two sunbeds and last but not least: the most incredible bath room we’ve ever seen. The pictures will speak for itself 🙂 

We booked it for one night, but next time we’ll book it for a few days as it’s simply too good to leave. You’ll feel alone and on top the world for a while, exactly what everyone needs from time to time in this hectic world we live in now, right? There is good Wi-Fi though, good for us haha, but if you’re looking for a digital detox getaway – just go on airplane mode 😉 

From the bed you can watch the sun rise (yup, pretty romantic hey!). It’s located next to Karma Reef Resort, and a few minutes’ walk from the harbor. Owner Sam came to meet us and hand over the key, super friendly! 

We must say, this has been one of the most unique island stays we’ve ever been and if you have the chance to stay here, do! Here you can find the Gili Meno Beach House on Airbnb. 

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve been here or planning to go to The Gili’s! 

Yours tropically
Pris & Eve

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve been here or planning to go to The Gili’s! 

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A night at bamboo dream home Camaya Bali

Even after ten years in Bali, we’re never done with exploring the island. There is just so much beauty to see and new incredible island stays are popping up every day. And so did Camaya Bali. Our stay at this remote bamboo dream home on the edge of a green lush jungle valley with the most magical view over mount Agung was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Check out our vlog below or here on our YouTube channel and photo diary of our magical night stay here.

About Camaya
We were lucky to stay here for a night three weeks ago, as Camaya has been fully booked since day one. You can get lucky if you follow them on Instagram or sign up on their website, they sometimes have a cancelation and you can quickly book your nights. Or, just be super early birdie to book your magical jungle getaway.

As the house is completely open, you’re fully out in nature 24/7 (yes, that does include some bugs too welcome to the jungle!). It’s located in the beautiful Karangasem area close to a little village called Selat. You can’t go any more local and experience the still authentic Bali than here.

We woke up with nothing the sound of singing birds, the crispy fresh air of lush rice paddies and an incredible sunrise over Mount Agung and a golden morning light glow spreading over the valley by the minute. With that and only a few villagers farming the fields below it’s like we were watching a scene from a movie. Being out in nature like this is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

You can spend the day in the house, chilling in the hammock or the outdoor flower bath, play games (they have some in the house!) or explore the area by motorbike (or hire a car with driver). You can make coffee, tea, juices or cook yourself in Camaya’s bamboo dream kitchen or Made and his incredibly kind team can prepare food for you so you can enjoy this local and remote jungle getaway to the fullest.

You can stay in the house with 4 persons (2 bedrooms, Eve & Steph slept upstairs and Pris downstairs) or you can also book the extra house next door (1 bedroom) if you are with 6 people. Perfect for adventurous travelers or couples in search of a romantic, secluded Bali getaway (and yes it’s Bali babymoon proof, tested by Eve & Steph haha). In 2019 they will open a few more bamboo houses on the edge of the valley. You’ll still have the private, remote jungle experience as the valley is big enough and you won’t be able to see into each others ‘homes’.

You can find the website of Camaya Bali here.
We hope you loved our Camaya Bali Video and photo diary, would you wanna stay here when in Bali? Let us know in the comments!

Wearing in this post:
Gooseberry Intimates
Gooseberry Seaside
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Magali Pascal

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The Islandlife Guide anniversary!

Hi island babes and sunshine friends! Exactly one year ago we launched our Bali Islandlife Guide! Can’t believe how time flies. Thank you for your love and support, we hope you enjoyed Bali and have many tropical trips to come!

To celebrate we have a special gift for you!
25% Off  the Welike Bali Guide & Welike Bali eGuide!
+ Free Island Beach Bag 

Use promocode: TAKEMETOBALI
Valid till Sunday 1pm EST, and yes it’s ok to share with friends!

PS. And stay tuned on our Instagram for a special surprise! :))

Love from Amsterdam (back to Bali soon!)
-x- yours tropically
Pris & Eve

   Office Space: PressOnly
Pris is wearing: Catwalk Junkie
Eve is wearing: Bali Wave Tee & The Sunkissed Sunnies

See how we launched our Guide last year in Amsterdam!

>> Shop the Bali Guide 

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Bikini Diary: Aloha Cassandra Rull

Gili Meno Cassandra Rull Bikini

Aloha! Nothing better than running around in the sand, dipping in this clear blue water, swimming with our ocean friends and wearing our favorite Cassandra Rull kini’s, made in Hawaii by our sweet friend Cassandra from our dream island Kauai (planning a trip here, highest on our Bucketlist!) See our photos below, while we we’re spending time on our favorite island getaway: Gili Meno.

Also check our Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan travel guides!

// The look
Bikini’s: shopcassandrarull.com
Headband Eve: Atelier des Femmes
Straw hat Pris: from our local shop in our street 🙂
Sunkissed Sunnies: shop.welikebali.com 

Thanks Yenny bunny for the photos!


Cassandrarull Cassandrarull Cassandrarull   Cassandrarull Cassandrarull  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cassandrarull/


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Bali Vacation Packing list (+ extra flight tips!)

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It’s been almost 9 years years now that we’ve travelled for the first time to Bali from Amsterdam. We must’ve saved up quite some miles haha, can’t even count the times we’ve be in the air!

Meanwhile, we launched our Welike Bali Travel Guide and we’re talking to travelers daily. And one of the questions from first time Bali vacay’ers we get a lot is… what to pack for Bali?  So, once and for all we’ve decided to make the ultimate packing list for your sunkissed travels! We teamed up with Duifhuizen Bags & Travel specialist to show you what to pack to pack for islandlife.


Which suitcases we use to travel?
For check-in: we need the biggest suitcase haha. So, we both use this lightweight Samsonite 4-wheels suitcase, that’s 81cm big. It has a lock with code.

In the cabin: we use the Samsonite X’Blade as hand luggage in the plane. We always carry our laptops and cameras with us, which fit perfectly in this suitcase. Before we used backpacks during flights, but it’s so much more comfortable not to carry anything heavy during check-in’s and last-minute shopping after customs 🙂

Plane Outfit

  • Nikes or All-stars (breathable shoes!)
  • Stretchy pants or sweat pants
  • Comfy tee (for instance, the Take me to Bali tee to get into the Bali mood, hihi;)
  • Oversized sweater or hoodie
  • Extra scarf or sarong cause it’s usually cold in the plane


  • Phone & Charger
  • Passport & Tickets
  • Insurance Pass
  • Booking information accommodation or other trip itinerary documents
  • Our Welike Bali Travel Guide of course 🙂
  • Indonesian Rupiahs: it’s nice to have cash when you arrive in Bali for the visa on arrival (free for most countries though, check here), first taxi drive or other first things. You can also use the ATM on the airport when you arrive, but can be busy. We always bring at least 500.000 IDR with us. And we always use the XE Currency converter app, which is best up to date!
  • Re-Usable Water bottle (don’t buy plastic in Bali! It will end up burnt or in the ocean…)
  • Laptop & Camera’s (in separate bag easy to take out during x-rays)
  • Ear phones (because the one you get on the plane to use to watch movies usually aren’t good)
  • For sleeping: Eye-mask, ear plugs, comfy socks (and sleeping pills if you have trouble sleeping)
  • Toiletries: toothbrush, lip balm, facial crème, make-up remover (this one’s for the girls of course hehe)
  • Loads of Vitamine C pills. A new tip we recently got from YourHealthCoach Tessa! We’ll try this out next flight ourselves 🙂
  • One extra pair of undies and clean tee just in case your luggage will delay (fingers crossed NOT)



  • 2 shorts + 2 skirts
  • 2 dresses / jumpsuits (check out Faithfull the Brand, perfect travel wear)
  • 4 tops + 4 tees
  • 1 sweater + 1 cardigan
  • 1 jeans + 1 long pants
  • 1 jacket (something easy like a denim jacket or our Sunkissed Jacket)
  • 1 pair of flipflops + 1 pair of sandals + 1 pair sneakers/comfy shoes
  • Accessories: jewelry, hair bands (we love the ones from Atelier des Femmes)
  • Workout gear: 3 workout bottoms, 1 yoga legging, 3 sport tops, running/fitness shoes
  • Underwear & Socks (leave some space for Gooseberry Intimates shoppings in Bali!)
  • Small shoulder bag with strap (we’d advise not to bring any clutches, it’s to easy to steal;)
  • Backpack for on the motorbike and when you walk to the beach
  • Beach Bag (our Take me to Bali Beach Bag of course;)

Surf & Swim

  • 3 bikini’s / swim attire
  • 1 good one piece for surfing or to wear with shorts
  • Sarongs (thin cotton bath towels, otherwise buy these in Bali for around 2 euros each)
  • Good quality sunglasses
  • Cap and straw hat (from our Islandlife Store or get yours in Bali!)
  • Sun protection (high SPF, the burn is crazy)
  • Bali Body oil (tip: as there’s no SPF in here, use it over your SPF sun protection for the extra glow)

Body & Face

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste
  • Make-up (don’t bring too much, you’ll sweat it off haha. And it’s a good moment to let your skin breathe) and make-up remover with pads
  • Shampoo & Conditioner (or buy in Bali)
  • Hair oil (we love Maroccan Oil and this cheap Kruidvat Hair oil, the best!)
  • Body lotion, Dry Oil (we love Nuxe!) or after sun


  • Mosquito-repellant spray (bring plenty! You’ll need to spray this all day)
  • Your own medicine in their original packing, with original prescription
  • Your own vitamins in their original packing
  • Note: don’t bring too much! Everything above you can also buy in Bali 🙂 And you’ll always over pack, but you’ll want to leave space in your suitcase to shop in Bali and bring home lots of souvenirs for yourself, friends and family 🙂


1: Bag in the bag
pack an easy tote bag inside your hand luggage suitcase, that you can take out in the plane just before boarding. Put in your laptop if you still need to work a bit on the plane, water (buy a big bottle on the airport or fill your re-usable bottle before flying!), toiletries, something to read, etc. So, you don’t have any loose items that you have to put in the front seat!

2: Choose the right flight
From Amsterdam to Bali we always try to book the night flights. You won’t have much of a jetlag when you arrive in Bali 🙂 KLM and Garuda Airlines both depart around 7pm or 9pm in the evening and you’ll arrive the next day in the afternoon in Bali. You can watch movies and sleep as much as you can and won’t feel much of a time difference. Last time we flew with Cathay Pacific early in the afternoon and didn’t sleep at all until Bali because you’ll fly in Europe day time :(, worst jetlag everrr. AND: if you’re flying from Amsterdam the’re no direct flights, there’s always a stop before landing in Bali. Choose the one with the least hours lay-over! You won’t regret it. Stop overs are killing on long flights, the sooner you can get there the better 🙂 We usually use Cheaptickets.nl, Skyscanner or Kilroy to compare flights (use the month overview to ese the lowest rates!).

3. Plane Food #alwayshungry
Don’t forget to let your airline know if you’re vegetarian like us. If you forget and try during check-in it’s usually too late to change it. And vegetarians get there meals first (expect jealous looks when you start eating already, hehe). And we usually bring some healthy snacks on the plane, as the food usually isn’t that amazing.

4. Bali Visa
A 30 days Tourist Visa on arrival is for most countries free (check here) and if you’re staying longer than 30 days, buy an extra tourist visa on arrival. This will allow you to stay a maximum of 60 days. You do need to go to a Visa Agency in Bali to extend before 30 days. They will send you to immigration for finger prints. This will cost around 50 to 60 euros. If you even want to stay longer than that, you’ll need to go out of the country before the 60 days, and come back again on a new Tourist Visa. Book a nice weekend getaway to Bangkok, Hongkong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur 🙂

5. Driver on arrival
If you’re hotel or accommodation doesn’t offer a service to pick you up from the airport, hire a driver up front. Because the taxi drivers at the airport can be quite intense when you arrive. We always drive with Made, he is the sweetest. You can send him a WhatsApp message with your flight details if he’s available and him or his staff will wait for you with your name on a sign when you arrive. So easy! Made: +628128532160. On the airport in Bali you have free Wi-Fi.

That’s it 🙂
If you want to find your perfect travel suitcase check out Duifhuizen!

Let us know if you found this list + tips handy? And if you have any more questions about packing for your Bali vacay.

Yours tropically
-x- Pris & Eve

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