Our Gili Meno dream beach house

Air BnB When we we’re planning our trip to Gili Meno last July, we found this incredible ocean front house on Airbnb. The only house on the island actually ON the beach, facing at nothing but the infinite horizon of the sea and the sky. It’s small, but everything you need: one room, a sun deck with two sunbeds and last but not least: the most incredible bath room we’ve ever seen. The pictures will speak for itself 🙂 

We booked it for one night, but next time we’ll book it for a few days as it’s simply too good to leave. You’ll feel alone and on top the world for a while, exactly what everyone needs from time to time in this hectic world we live in now, right? There is good Wi-Fi though, good for us haha, but if you’re looking for a digital detox getaway – just go on airplane mode 😉 

From the bed you can watch the sun rise (yup, pretty romantic hey!). It’s located next to Karma Reef Resort, and a few minutes’ walk from the harbor. Owner Sam came to meet us and hand over the key, super friendly! 

We must say, this has been one of the most unique island stays we’ve ever been and if you have the chance to stay here, do! Here you can find the Gili Meno Beach House on Airbnb. 

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve been here or planning to go to The Gili’s! 

Yours tropically
Pris & Eve

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Let us know in the comments if you’ve been here or planning to go to The Gili’s! 

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10 x new Canggu spots we love

When we arrived in Bali in 2009 and settled into our island life, Canggu – a small farmers village along the Indian Ocean within lush green rice paddies – was a place where we would drive off to for a good surf and sunset. With only a handful of cafes, it was serener than you could ever imagine. Nowadays, Canggu is buzzing, bye serenity but hello good food and good vibes! You know already that we have a Canggu Guide for you with more than 200 of our favorite spots, but today we’re adding some new faves for you here on the blog. Not to miss out on!

1. Give Cafe
Incredible plant-based vegan warung. That means, nasi campur but 100% animal and cruelty-free! If we can we eat here every day for lunch or dinner. The owners of KYND in Seminyak, Lauren and Corryne set up this non-profit vegan warung, that not only looks pretty amazing but has absolutely the best food ever.

2. Plant Cartel
To stay in vegan mode, Plant Cartel is a new spot on Jalan Batu Bolong, serving plant-based junk food. So no need to miss out on burgers and hot dogs when you’re not eating animals, they have it all!

3. Mason
Our new favorite dinner spot, with LA vibes and good music. Share dishes in the cozy garden seats or inside with your friends and have an amazing evening guaranteed.

4. Coffee & Coconuts Bali
From Amsterdam to Bali, this cafe is new in the hood. We hopped in yesterday and must say we are in love with the interior and cute nooks to hang out (just like they have in Amsterdam!).

5. Peloton
Ok, not a new spot but worth a mention as they just revamped their interior! Check it out, even more to love at our all-time daily plant-based food and juice pitstop.

6. Milk & Madu
Yes, also not new but rebuild after the recent fire they had that burned down the entire restaurant. Amazing how they reconstructed the venue and made it even prettier and bigger. Food is amazing as always and is a must go when you’re in Canggu’s Berawa area!

6. The Common
By the owners of Milk & Madu, the Common opened in the heart of Canggu on Jalan Batu Bolong. A healthy food cafe with good coffee. All you need!

7. The Holiday
Super cute roadside cafe with art gallery, tucked away in a side street of jalan Batu Bolong (enter across Cafe Organic). Gorgeous space for your breakfast, coffee and lunch dates.

8. Jet Black Ginger
In the non food category, for all the girls, Jet Black Ginger is your go-to place for mani pedi’s, hair and massages. Also not new to the hood, but just expanded with a bigger and beautiful space.

9. The Acai Shop Bali
Not a day goes by without having an acai bowl! You know Pris and Arnaud are running their Bali Bowls cafes in Biarritz. But when in Bali definitely stop by the new Acai Shop Bali from our friends. You’ll find this tiny take away Acai shop at Echo Beach.

10. La Brisa
And last but not least, not a new spot but also one that’s expanding it’s venue. We had a sneak peak at the new pool and it looks incredible. Favorite beach hangout before or after surf at Echo Beach.

Hope you loved our quick update, let us know which are your favorite Canggu spots in the comments below. Would love to hear!

And if want to know all our 200 Canggu spots check out our online Canggu eGuide here.

-x- Pris & Eve

Give Cafe
The Holiday
La Brisa on Echo Beach

Coffee & Coconuts

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A night at bamboo dream home Camaya Bali

Even after ten years in Bali, we’re never done with exploring the island. There is just so much beauty to see and new incredible island stays are popping up every day. And so did Camaya Bali. Our stay at this remote bamboo dream home on the edge of a green lush jungle valley with the most magical view over mount Agung was truly a once in a lifetime experience!

Check out our vlog below or here on our YouTube channel and photo diary of our magical night stay here.

About Camaya
We were lucky to stay here for a night three weeks ago, as Camaya has been fully booked since day one. You can get lucky if you follow them on Instagram or sign up on their website, they sometimes have a cancelation and you can quickly book your nights. Or, just be super early birdie to book your magical jungle getaway.

As the house is completely open, you’re fully out in nature 24/7 (yes, that does include some bugs too welcome to the jungle!). It’s located in the beautiful Karangasem area close to a little village called Selat. You can’t go any more local and experience the still authentic Bali than here.

We woke up with nothing the sound of singing birds, the crispy fresh air of lush rice paddies and an incredible sunrise over Mount Agung and a golden morning light glow spreading over the valley by the minute. With that and only a few villagers farming the fields below it’s like we were watching a scene from a movie. Being out in nature like this is truly a once in a lifetime experience!

You can spend the day in the house, chilling in the hammock or the outdoor flower bath, play games (they have some in the house!) or explore the area by motorbike (or hire a car with driver). You can make coffee, tea, juices or cook yourself in Camaya’s bamboo dream kitchen or Made and his incredibly kind team can prepare food for you so you can enjoy this local and remote jungle getaway to the fullest.

You can stay in the house with 4 persons (2 bedrooms, Eve & Steph slept upstairs and Pris downstairs) or you can also book the extra house next door (1 bedroom) if you are with 6 people. Perfect for adventurous travelers or couples in search of a romantic, secluded Bali getaway (and yes it’s Bali babymoon proof, tested by Eve & Steph haha). In 2019 they will open a few more bamboo houses on the edge of the valley. You’ll still have the private, remote jungle experience as the valley is big enough and you won’t be able to see into each others ‘homes’.

You can find the website of Camaya Bali here.
We hope you loved our Camaya Bali Video and photo diary, would you wanna stay here when in Bali? Let us know in the comments!

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The Sunshine Houses Seminyak

A few months ago we stayed at one of the Sunshine Houses in Seminyak. A super stylish authentic Balinese house with a modern twist, right next to Seminyak beach!

The Sunshine houses have two villas in Bali. Check here our dream house in Bingin (amaaaazing, never wanna leave kinda vibe!)

// About the Sunshine House Seminyak

The Sunshine houses is a collective name for tropical hideway villas located on the most beautiful Islands in the world. Indonesia: Bali – Sumbawa and French Polynesia: Tahiti

This super stylish house is located in the heart of Seminyak. Only 2 min walk from the beach and close to all the cute shops and restaurants on Jalan Seminyak. It’s a 3 bedroom villa with a dream kitchen and living room area. Beautiful sliding doors if you want to beat the heat and spend some time in the AC 😉 It has a big pool to dip in and heaps of sun in the garden to sunbath all day.

Owned by the sweetest family from Belgium who are as well the owners of Gooseberry Intimates (our favorite lingerie label!) It has two 2 rooms and a bathroom on the first floor. The rooms are beautifully decorated with teak wood and have the best beds ever! The master bedroom downstairs is facing the pool. Nothing better than waking up with the sun kissing your face and an early morning rise & shine swim.

We loved staying here since it’s so super central and has such an amazing islandhome vibe. It’s perfect to stay with friends and family. You can book the house via Airbnb here!

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Check out The Seminyak House here!





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A weekend at the Sunshine Houses Bingin

Vacation mood on! About a month ago we were invited by the Sunshine houses to come stay at their new pool villa in Bingin. Uhmmm YES! If you’ve been following us for a bit, you know that Bingin is our favorite beach in the Bukit. Where we often go up to spend the days tanning, swimming, surfing and of course… eating, hehe. We packed our bags with our besties and boyfriends as the villa has 4 bedrooms and bathrooms (!!) and went off for a sunshine weekend Bingin.

The Sunshine houses is a collective name for tropical hideway villas located on the most beautiful Islands in the world. Indonesia: Bali – Sumbawa and French Polynesia: Tahiti. Earlier in July we stayed at their Seminyak villa (so amazing too, check it out here!) but we must say, this one in Bingin stole our heart.

We were the very first guests to test it out. The space is absolutely divine and it’s styled so well. It’s like stepping into Palm Springs. There even was a pineapple plant, LOOOVE! The 3 ladies in the house took really good care of us. Made us delicious brekkie. Omelettes with veggies, Bali coffee & big plates of fruit.

The house is made to spend the entire day, for a good quality time with each other, having fun by the pool, long dinners at the table and late night conversations in the open living room. We shot photos in our favorite Gooseberry Intimates lingerie & Seaside bikinis and only went out for a couple of hours to surf and swim at the beach. If you really want to lock yourself in, they offer a cook who can come to the house and make delicious Indonesian food for lunch or dinner!

It’s so super spacious and has such a blissful vibe. It felt like home the minute we walked in … basically this is our dream home and would wanna live here!

// About the Sunshine House Bingin

This Bali dream house is located on the cliff of Bingin in the Bukit. Tucked away in a still quite jungelish area. Only 5 minutes from one of the best surf break (left) in Bali. It’s a 4 bedroom villa with a huge Pinterest worthy garden and pool. Owned by the sweetest family from Belgium who are as well the owners of Gooseberry Intimates (our favorite lingerie label!) In the back there is a big living room area with kitchen, a massive couch for 12 people (read slumber party hahah) and at the other side of the garden you’ll find the 4 bedrooms in an L form.

// Bingin favorites

Surf & Beach
Short board or long board, with both boards you’ll have the best fun. Shortboard for the barrels on low tide and longboard for the waves during high tide! Impossible beach is only a stone throw away (just a long paddle hah!)

– Rolling Fork: just around the corner you’ll find this yummie Italian Restaurant
– If you wanna go for a quick take away juice or bliss ball check out Drifter.
– Our regular faves: Bukit Café, Cashew Tree, Buddha Soul (if you don’t feel like driving out just order via Go-Jek) (More faves in our Travel Guide here!)

– Laniakea Spa: Owned by a Brazilian lady from Hawaii. Awesome for your after surf foot reflexology or massage. The salon is super cute and they have the most beautiful flower baths ever!

– Around the corner you’ll find the Bali Training Centre. They have great Muay Thai / kickboxing, and fitness classes.

– Go for a beach run just out front or do a little HITT sesh on the deck
– Swim 20 labs in their 18 m long pool. Whoooop!

Sunset / Hangout
– Just down at the beach or drive to Suarga on Padang Padang Cliff for a sunset tea uhhh cocktail. A beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea!


  • For us it’s islandlife to it’s perfection. Best food around the corner. Friends close. Beach out front. Surf.
  • Superfast wifi if you need to get some work done. Or Netflix & Chill.
  • Every room (big) has it’s own bathroom
  • A pool with comfy sunbeds and huge garden. Perfect to soak up the sun and relax all day.
  • This dreamhouse is huge and within 5 minutes you’ll be be surfing Bingin barrels. Yassss!!
  • Bathroom goals. And lots of closet space. YES.
  • Breakfast is included, prepared by the sweetest girls!
  • Close to everything you need. And far enough to be away from the crowds. Surrounded by jungle.
  • Only a 10 minutes drive by bike to Padang Padang and Uluwatu beach.
  • Family and kids friendly!

Book here on AirBnB!! We’ll be back here for sure, can’t wait!









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